If you are new to visiting my nest, here are some tidbits to explain the birth of Accessible Nest.

There are five things I realized that I am passionate about.  These truths of who I am and what I have passion for have slowly unveiled themselves throughout the years.  I’m certain all of you have truths (beliefs), that are unique to you.

  1.  Motherhood; Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved playing with babies.  As I grew up, I enjoyed babysitting and helping out with things like Safety Town.  I always hoped to become a mom some day.
  2. Architecture and Design; I always really liked art (though it’s not really a talent of mine).  When I was about 9 years old my family went out to eat and saw a beautiful, winding staircase.  It sparked my interest in design.  My dad taught me how to draw floorpans and ever since then I really enjoyed drafting, design and architecture.
  3.  Disability; I’ve always been aware of people’s differences.  My mom worked with adults with disabilities and from the time I was a young child.  I would go to her work and learned about respecting each person no matter what our differences.  As a teacher, I was passionate about inclusive classrooms and classroom adaptations to help each child succeed.
  4.   Family; Family has always been important to me and I believe it is at the heart of us all.  Families come in all shapes and sizes.  I believe family is the heart of society.
  5.   Home; We all need a place to retreat to and feel safe and comfortable.  I love the idea that each home is designed and decorated to meet the needs of each unique family and individuals within the family.

As I thought about our own home and transforming it into our own accessible retreat, I thought about families and individuals.  I have a strong belief that we are all given our own unique gifts and talents.  My four unique and different children have shown me this as I travel with them on their own, interesting journeys.  Accessible Nest is about making the space around us comfortable, functional and beautiful so that we can all help each other succeed on our own unique journeys.