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June 14, 2017

Let’s face it, household chores are generally in the category of “love” or “hate”.  My friend Michelle loves cleaning!  (I wish I had that same love.) Mail is another chore in my book and  I know people that love going through mail.  It must be the highlight of some afternoons, but this is not the case for me.  I fit into the mail hating category.  Except for walking out to get the mail; that part feels like a great excuse to take breath of fresh air (and sometimes it’s a nice little break from my kids- please don’t tell them).

We get SO much junk mail, and bills of course.  Bills end up in my mail pile that usually becomes the procrastination pile, junk mail gets tossed and sometimes I find a little gem.  The Ads!  These are FUN! I find it so relaxing and intriguing to check out what is out there and what I can imagine I would want in my home.

So today is an AD day! I separated the ADS from the rest of the mail and am going to peruse the recent designs with you.

Here’s what we have today:

  1. West Elm- Summer Sale edition
  2. Target HomeStyle (I just squealed in my heart)
  3. Techo-Bloc Outdoor Trends (have never heard of this, but I am… intrigued)

There is definitely a summer theme happening in the ads today which is perfect because Dan and I were just discussing accessible outdoor seating.  (I think this will give me some good content to show Dan that we really do need an outdoor sectional.  (insert double wink emoji). The West Elm Portside Collection is calling my name.


And speaking of sectionals, the Harmony Collection 5 piece U is so hygge.

If you aren’t familiar with the new buzz word hygge, let me indulge you.  Hygge is a danish term that in my definition is “ultimate embrace and feeling of coziness.”  It’s pronounced hoo-ga.  Honestly, I love being cozy so much I think this term was made for me. It’s how I get through cold, midwest winters…. Needless to say, this piece screams hygge to me.  It would create a great conversational space, and on the flip side, also be a great place to watch movies with your tribe.  I like to imagine a sectional like this in our very future basement rec room space (a girl can imagine, right).


What do you think of these chairs?

I really like them, but, I don’t think they would withstand four grimy sets of hands or have the “right” place in my house.  I do love the mid-century look of them and love the way they are set up in this magazine as a small sitting/conversational area.  These may be great in the corner of a large great room or in their own sitting room.  It seems like formal living rooms are not as common these days, but if you had the space in your house, these might be a great way to modernize that room.

The Target ad is sporting bright and bold colors, especially bright blues and emerald greens.  Many of the kitchen tools had a mix of color and natural wood.  I personally love this look.  I love the wood accents and the bright colors really make the space feel vibrant no matter what time of year.

I’ve also noticed succulents being presented into the decor many places.  Target’s style tip was, “layer your naturals (along with with some beautiful succulents) for an unexpected centerpiece.” 1

I’ve always been a fan of succulents so I was pleased as punch to read this!  And in a not so humble brag, our kitchen table is currently sporting a lovely little succulent I bought from Turbo Man’s school plant sale.  It makes me smile and so far, I’ve kept it alive for at least a month!

Techno Bloc showed many beautiful patio designs using stone pavers.  Almost two years ago we did a lot of research before we decided on our poured concrete patio, but we did look into pavers.  They weren’t a good solution for us, but they do make beautiful patios.  Here are a few of their designs.  Remember if you have assisted mobility devices, take into consideration how this will affect your mobility across your patio.  Large, smooth stones make for much easier movement than smaller ones.

(difficult maneuvering with chair or canes.)

(Large, smooth pavers make for easier movement.  Check out the seamless integration of that awesome ramp!)

And finally, what would a summer design magazine be without a summer paint pallet.  I LOVE paint.  I love painting.  I love the colors.  I love the feeling that different colors bring to the feeling of a room.  We painted some of the rooms in our old house 3 times (in 5 years!)  My poor mom and dad were so sick of helping us paint our house (though they wouldn’t tell a soul that.)  I think color really changes the way a room makes you feel. I personally love warm cozy spaces, so most of our house is painted a darker, warm neutral tannish/brown tone.  In the past I’ve chosen colors for the walls instead of neutrals and loved those colors, but I’ve recently learned the beauty of neutrals and adding color into the other elements of the room.

Here’s today’s paint pallet, which I find really fresh and fun.

I really love light airy colors, which this pallet is full of.  I’m always drawn towards light blue colors so the “open air” color draws me in, but Dan is often a bright and bold color guy, so this might be a hard one to convince him on.  I love the “greenbelt” color and feel it could be a good accent color used in decorative pillows, greenery and small pieces of furniture.  I also really love the “jovial”, but perhaps on the walls, the “abalone shell” would be a safer move.  What colors draw you in?  Are you a cool neutral fan or bold and warm?


P.S. Don’t forget to check your ads for coupons!  My biggest challenge with the coupon is finding it when I need it…. another post for another day… (organizational tips always welcome).


1- quote from Target home style ad- summer 2017

Please note this is not an endorsement for these products.  I am not being paid by these companies.



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