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February 13, 2018

Two years ago when I was pregnant (with Tinker Bell), we knew the new baby would obviously need a place to sleep.  At the time, Tootsie Pop’s bedroom was in what would be a den or office, off of our living room.  It wasn’t ideal because her double doors opened up to our great room, but it was a place for her and it worked for the time.  She actually got used to the noise (to some extent).  The boys shared the other bedroom, which was totally fine with us.  Even at our other house, they shared since the time Tough Guy was two because we liked the idea of them sharing.  We felt while they may not always like it, ultimately, it would be good for their relationship as brothers.

But when we knew another little soul would need a place to dream, we knew that Tootsie Pop needed to give up her space in the office/nursery.  After little debate on where to move everyone, we felt it was best for Tootsie Pop to move in with the boys.  We knew eventually she would share a room with the new baby, but for now, the baby needed her own room.

Right before Turbo’s 7th birthday we shipped the three kids to my parents house for a couple days and we set off for Sherwin Williams.  We had secretly ordered loft beds for the kids and they were delivered an hour after the kids left.  We spent the weekend painting, decorating, making felt no-sew blankets (even Dan did this) and preparing our surprise.

What started with this.


And changed it to this when Tootsie Pop joined their room.

The slide took up a pretty big chunk of the room, but it didn’t matter to us, because the sheer excitement for that slide was huge!  The great part about it also was that Tough Guy could slide down from it and get out of bed (after practice of course).  We wanted to bunks to be side by side so the boys could chat at night.  And the slide seemed like the perfect way for Tough Guy to get out of bed independently.  It gave Tootsie her own little corner under Turbo’s bed.  It was small, but since this wasn’t a permanent solution for her it seemed fine.

This set up really worked well for about two years, until recently when two problems arised.  1.  We felt like it was time that Tough Guy could get into bed himself. He could get out, and with a lot of effort he climbed up the slide a couple times, but climbing into bed shouldn’t be hard.  Especially at the end of the day.  2.  Dan was having no trouble getting into bed but it was getting harder for me to lift him safely into bed.  The height of the loft was just below my shoulders and I didn’t want to hurt him or myself as he continues to grow.

So right before this school year started I convinced Dan and the boys that we needed to rearrange the room.

A week before school started I convinced those two men in my life (Dan and my dad), to separate the lofts and recreate the kids’ bedroom design.  Tough Guy needed to be able to get out and into his bed on his own.  I felt like each child needed his own space.  Tootsie Pop was moving in with Tinker Bell so she didn’t need the space in here now.

So while my dad was in town, the guys separated the bunks and moved dressers and we got the space the kids needed.  And I have to say, Tough Guy has not once said he misses his slide, and Turbo loves his new bed location…. because he is closer to the hall light which gives him better light for reading at night.

  All in all, it was a win, win and most importantly, Tough Guy has been able to be more independent by getting in and out of his bed.  He can use the steps at the end or transfer into his wheels which we set at at the first opening in the rails.  Despite the fun slide being gone, it really has helped give the boys their own space and independence which was our ultimate goal.


What things have you done to your room or your kids room to make it the best space for you?

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