the brink of insanity

December 28, 2016

If there’s one thing in our nest that may be making me stagger between the edge of insanity and gratitude is this little double door.  I know, it sounds ridiculous to include insanity and gratitude in the same thought, but here’s the deal.

Three years ago, we began a search for a 1 story ranch home in the area we wanted to move.  When we found one in a neighborhood we liked, and they accepted our offer, we were nervous and excited to make the change.  The timing was fast, but it really was a good time to buy and sell.  In a few months Turbo Man would start kindergarten, Tough Guy was ready to get into his room independently and would be starting preschool, and it would be a great time to sell our house.

Moving happened really fast, and we honestly took a leap of faith by moving into this house.  We knew we would need to move into a home that had bedrooms on the first floor at some point.  And we knew we wanted to live in a neighborhood vs. the country, but we honestly hadn’t been seriously looking for long.  Actually, I would say we casually looked for quite a while (maybe 9 months) and seriously looked for two days when the contract on another house we were going to buy fell through (ultimate blessing in disguise!)

There are many things I LOVE about this house.  Point one; it is a ranch.  That alone is what we needed.  The morning after our first night here, we were drinking our coffee and tea in the living room and Tough Guy scooted out to us with the biggest smile on his face!  It was Awww-some!  Point two, our neighbors rock.  And there are tons of kids that our children’s ages.  Point three; my laundry is on the first floor and I have a pantry.  (insert double fist pump).

But, there are also some things about this house that really stink.  One huge one is the fact that there are technically 2 actual bedrooms, a loft and a den.  Don’t get me wrong, this house is decent size (2500 square feet and 2000 on the first floor/500 in the loft), and we are very thankful for this home, but our sleeping situation slightly challenging some days.

Currently, the boys and Tootsie Pop share a bedroom.  It’s about 12X12 so the kids are lofted and bunked but it’s still a bit tight.  Tootsie Pop’s dresser is in Tinker Bell’s room (which is actually our den.  The den opens up to the great room.)  Tootsie Pop is miss independent, and is usually bummed when she can’t get dressed because Tinker Bell is still sleeping.  And, I’m sure all the kids in the neighborhood think I am the quiet police as I’m always telling them to be quiet as Tinker Bell is sleeping just feet away during naps.  Having her door open up to the great room is not ideal.  Not to mention its pretty small and there is no closet.

Our loft is a great space above the garage and is somewhat closed off to below, but is open to below without walls.  We use it as a TV/office/guest room area.  It does have a bathroom and I really think this will sometime be a great space for Tinker Bell and Tootsie Pop to share a room.

I’m not sure if it is because Tinker Bell is getting closer to age an age where she could share a room; if it’s because Tough Guy really needs some adaptations made to his room furniture to help him be more independent; or if I am just being impatient, but I’m definitely feeling the itch to get our bedroom situation figured out.  (Also, I’ll whisper the fact that I may be driving my husband bonkers).

So, I’ve started to get quotes on adding walls to the loft (who knew adding walls was so pricey!) and I have been really brainstorming ways to figure out the bedrooms.  Have you had a similar issue?  What was your solution?

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