mobility & tools

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” ― Catherine of Siena

I clearly remember Tough Guy’s neurosurgeon replying with a very insightful response when he sensed my fear that Tough Guy would be in a wheelchair.  “If he is in a chair, he can have the world right there in his hands.”

I thought about this.  At first, it wasn’t the response I wanted to hear, but as time went on, I realized, that he was right.  Tough Guy could still use his hands and if we gave him the right tools he could do anything with those hands.  In order to get around, we just needed to give him the right tools.

Don’t we all need tools?  When I taught, some kids really needed wiggle cushions to help exert some of their energy.  Turbo Man sometimes struggles with fine motor skills and his handwriting is better with a good pencil grip.  I am not great at remembering my calendar so phone alerts help me.  Some people use hearing aides or crutches.  This is only a very small glimpse of all the infinite tools we use in our daily lives.

Tough Guy will be successful with the right tools and adaptations.

Here are some tools that we have found helps Tough Guy or ones that we need to explore:

Wheelchairs- He currently has a Ti-Lite Twist

When he was younger he used a ZipZac chair to get around in the home.  www.zipzac

Another version of a wheelchair for very young users

Standing devices



Hard surfaces

grab bars

modifications to furniture

toy benches

accessible sink


accessible playgrounds

adaptive sports

And possibly the most important tool, Belief and confidence!

(This is an ongoing list- please check back from time to time for more ideas and resources.)