new wheelchair part 2

August 3, 2017

After a couple weeks of pondering and researching, we placed our order for Tough Guy’s new wheelchair!  If you didn’t hear about the earlier part of the process you can read about it here: new wheelchair part 1


The therapist is writing up medical reasoning for each aspect of the chair and it will be shipped off to insurance for approval.  The faster insurance company approves it, the sooner Tough Guy will get his new wheels.  Most likely it will take 3-6 months to approve and build.  We decided to stick with the Ti-Lite Twist for his new chair. This is what he has now, and overall, we’ve been happy with it.  Many of the parts of the new chair are exactly the same as his current chair, but some changes I think will be really great for him.

Tough Guy is really excited about the armrests we’ve added to the chair.  We went with the tubular type so that they can be removed for times when he is more active and needs that arm space for lots of pushing.  We also made sure his wheels had greater camber.  Camber means that the wheels will have more angle as opposed to being straight up and down.  Camber helps with the stability of the chair.  I am really glad for this because his current wheels are pretty upright and tight against the seat and every time he makes a quick turn I hold my breath that he doesn’t tip.  We recently had an ER visit because he tipped sideways playing football with Turbo Man.  This is the way he broke his femur before.

He also chose some really cool wheel spokes and chose an unexpected, but cool color for his wheels!  (I’ll let him reveal the final look when he gets it.)

(Tinker Bell had to try everything out.)

As he was trying out the wheels in the medical shop, I noticed something.  He wheeled over to a full length mirror as he tried out each wheelchair.  When I asked him which one he liked he said, “mostly the orange one (Ti-Lite) because I like the way I look in it.”  Boom, that’s what I needed to hear.  That was what made us ultimately decide on the Ti-Lite.  Tough Guy needs to feel confident and like the chair.  It’s an extension of his body and I want him to feel good about that.





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