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July 17, 2017

I just got done watching a Super Soul Sunday video of Glennon Doyle Melton.  I’ve followed her blog, read one of her books and know her story.  She’s one of my favorite bloggers because she is so authentic.  She really is a truth teller.  But today, something resonated.  It’s as if her words were the key to a door in my house, that I needed unlocked.  If you haven’t seen Glennon’s video you can view it here.——->

Why do I scroll through Facebook, or Instagram during precious, sacred moments in the day?

Why do I dream of writing but not follow through?

Why do I procrastinate working out and instead reach for a sweet treat?

Why do I tell my kids, I will play once I get this done, or that done?

Why, why, why?  Those may just a few why’s I ask, but there are so many more.

Let me say this; I really am very happy in my life.  I feel very blessed and many days I practice gratitude.  But something keeps me from pushing forward and really doing something.

You really should check out her video.  It’s pretty darn good.  She has a lot of good stuff to share.  Lots of wisdom.  But for today’s story she shares on her video, here is my take away that I want to share.  (paraphrased from what I viewed on her video post).  We all have pain.  ALL of US.  It knocks on our door and we try to hide.  We try to escape.  But it is there.  We can breath in that pain and grow from it, or we can continue to push it aside.  BUT, in order to RISE, we must confront the pain.*

Here’s the thing.  I’ve felt that pain.  And I really think I have lived in it.  And I’ve started to chase the “how to make a difference from that pain,” but I stopped.  And I lived.  And I had a baby.  And I moved.  And I lived.  And another baby.  And everything happened and happened and happened.  And now, I feel the pedals of my bike slowing.  And I know, I am in the rising and I will only really make a difference in my rising if I listen and seek and remember that pain.

So here is my blog.  There is so much I DON’T know about navigating my computer, let alone this URL, but here it goes.  My corner of this strange and complicated world.  My opened door.  My sacred space.  Thanks for joining me.


* Glennon’s wonderful blog can be found at

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    1. Beautiful beginning! I am so excited for you and your blog!

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