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August 4, 2017

 Even though I was a child development major, I sometimes forget that you can’t force a child into developing and doing things faster than they are ready.  I also forget that Tough Guy was born 5 1/2 weeks premature.  So really, when he turned 1, he was really only like that of a 10 1/2 month old.

We got Tough Guy his first wheelchair when he was pretty little because we want him to have the opportunity to grow and get around the best that he can.  We wanted him to have the ability to be mobile when he was ready.  We knew it would take time for him to catch on to his wheels but for some reason I felt like when he turned 1 he would suddenly start rolling around.  Well, he did start catching on, but he didn’t magically start wheeling all over the house.  Every day we work on it.  Some days he improves, other days he just whines and would rather be carried.  Little by little he moves more and more and I am sure before I know it, he will be moving more than whining.

Tough Guy wants to show you how he rolls!

He first started by putting his hands on his wheels and pulling them backwards, hence moving himself backwards.  I think it was a little bit frustrating for him because he didn’t understand why he didn’t go forward.

Then one day, when he was about 13 months old, he accidentally pushed his wheels and…. moved forward!  He started to learn what “push” meant.  We kept encouraging him to push his wheels!  A couple of things…. he knows what his wheels are AND, he is pretty stubborn.  Tough Guy is learning his wheels.

Daddy and his big brother are really good at encouraging him to move in his wheels.  Daddy has even made up a pretty catchy tune to help motivate the little man and Turbo loves singing it to Tough Guy.

Big brother motivates Isaac

 Last night I was working on getting dinner made and was at the kitchen sink.  Tough Guy was at the fridge playing with fridge letters in his chair.  All of a sudden I felt a bump on my leg and I hear a sweet, little “mama!”  I look down and see my littlest man with a big grin grabbing onto my leg!  He had the most proud grin on and I was shocked!  He had rolled over to me on his own without any encouragement or help!

It was just what I had been waiting for!

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